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Let's face it, SEO is hard.

..and it’s getting harder every month. Competitors taking over “your keywords”? Google core updates with sudden ranking drops? Internal challenges & never-ending To-Do list? You name it. We know it. Yet, Google is the best source of qualified traffic you can get. While you are reading that sentence, Google is processing over 68,000+ searches per second.

Any of these sounds familiar?

Lack of time to focus on SEO
Lack of results (nothing is moving)
Feel like the growth burden is on you
No peers to talk to about SEO
Google keeps changing the algo
Competitors taking market share

Our promise to you

Revenue driven SEO insights
Scale faster & keep CAC low
Unlimited SEO support
Proven systems & processes
Continuous optimization
Dedicated & trusted SEO Team
Why choose us

We help our SaaS clients generate additional MRR

So, investment in SEO has a postive ROI asap.
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Case Study

We helped Landbot 3x MRR

We would love to get similar results for you.
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What clients say

Homepage SEO

GrowthTurn has been an invaluable resource for helping my team(s) understand the often-mysterious trends behind organic search, and building action plans to drive SEO performance forward. Highly recommended.

Bill Fisher
Co-founder & CEO at Stackray
Homepage SEO

For us, it was an expensive investment as a small company, but I feel so much that the money was worth it.

Helena Gutierrez
Founder, Share PLM
Homepage SEO

Thanks to this collaboration, we were able to grow our organic traffic over time; rank in the top positions for our main target keywords; improve our website experience; and grow our organic sourced customer base.

Pedro Ferreira
Head of Performance Marketing at Landbot
Homepage SEO

They were very professional and communicative throughout the process.

Parth Pareek
Founder at Loopin HQ
Homepage SEO

Appreciated how the GrowthTurn team always came through with their deliverables on time and did so in such a way that was easy to understand. The company saved a lot of time because of the GT team.

Leslie Handmaker
Digital Marketing Strategist, Paycor
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How it works

We take care of your entire SEO

Onboarding & Setup

The scope of work is defined together & depend on what's required to improve your site's SEO performance.

Research & Audit

Anything SEO related from Keyword Research, through the SEO Strategy to Link Building & custom reports.


We are like your own in-house SEO & Content Marketing Team.


We've got a flexible approach to support your growth. You can simply pick your growth projects or let our experts to help you with that.


In all options we are 100% committed to grow your business. Monthly plans simply give us a long-term perspective & goal to become trusted experts supporting your team. Our transparent pricing is a reflection of this goal. No long-term contracts here, pause or cancel anytime.

Starter / SEO Management


SEO Management
Monthly review calls
Growth / SEO + Content


SEO Management + Content Creation
Bi-weekly review calls
Scale / SEO + Content + Links


Included in all packages

Unlimited SEO support - Your own "SEO Geek Squad"
Dedicated & trusted SEO Team
24/7 access to your Client Portal with progress reporting
No long-term contracts, pause or cancel anytime
Quarterly SEO health check with 362 checkpoints
Transparent reporting - Custom build SEO Dashboard in Looker (Data) Studio
Onboarding & kick-off, followed by frictionless process

What else do I get?

On top of everything, you are also getting: Free Keyword Tracking & Reporting, as well as instant benefits of our premium SEO tools at no extra cost:, SiteBulb Crawler, MonSpark which monitor your site 24/7, SEOPress – Premium SEO Plugin, Frase Content Optimization, to just name a few.

Looking for a quick test project to start with?

We’ve got something for you as well. Browse and buy predefined projects in just a few clicks. Clear scope & upfront price.
Fixed Growth Projects

Starts from $850

Done-for-you SEO services
Simply pick & order online
Secure checkout & client portal
Feedback & revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

Growth Projects? Ok, what are these & what do you mean by X no of Growth Projects per month?
Growth Project is essentially an SEO work deliverable we set to finish within a month.

Anything SEO related from Keyword Research, through the SEO Strategy to Backlink Analysis & custom SEO reports.

Each month we decide together on X no of Growth Projects per site. Typically it takes us 15-20h to complete one growth project depending on the complexity. Quick example: Keyword Research for a group of 200-300 keywords usually takes us about 15-20h, that’s one Growth Project.

You can simply pick your growth projects from a list or let our experts to help you with that.

You can see more examples up here:

See examples of Growth Projects
No long-term contract, really?
Yup, that’s right. We don’t lock you into a long-term contract as most SEO agencies do (unless you really want to for internal reasons). Honestly, no long-term commitments required. That makes it easy to start & try us. At the same time most of clients stay with us over 2 years and longer.
What's a Growth Sprint?
Growth Sprint is a methodology inspired by agile, lean, and growth hacking thinking. For us is a time-limited (90days) concentrated effort in which we execute the set scope of work defined together. That gives us a clear focus on a single goal and provides a measure of success.
One client per niche rule. What's that?
SEO is highly competitive, there could be 20-100+ sites in the same space doing nearly exactly the same thing. Let’s take the CRM niche as an example. You know a few SaaS vendors in that niche, right? But, if we decide to work together, then we will reject to work at the same time with any of your niche specific, direct competitors.
What does the 'unlimited SEO support' mean?
We are committed to answering ALL of your SEO questions via Slack or Email. Think of us like your “SEO guys” or “SEO Geek Squad” that everyone else has & ask them all sort of SEO related questions when needed.
Why we're different
Unlike classic SEO agency, we don’t accept all the clients that come our way. We’ve rejected over 300 SEO project invites last year. Unlike generalist agencies, we specialize in SEO for B2B, SaaS & Tech Startups. That give us laser-focused know-how and proven tactics to tackle niche-specific problems.
Can you help us with Content Marketing?
Absolutely. Here are some of the content marketing tactics we help our clients with: Support in creating Product & Content Led SEO. All sort of Content & Competitor Analysis, Pillar Pages Strategy, as well as many more.
So you do SEO Audits for me as well?
Yup! As part of our services, we perform a regular SEO Audits at no extra cost. Some people will charge you $$$ for that. Not us. In-depth SEO Audits include 362 checkpoints. That’s your site health check sorted.
Can you work with my existing Marketing/SEO team?
Absolutely. It’s our goal to become an extension of your team. As part of Growth Plan we will setup Weekly SEO Calls. These regular check-ins will make sure we are synced & on track.

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