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Discover our comprehensive Content Gap Analysis template – featuring in-depth analysis capabilities, content opportunity identification, and competitor comparison. Streamline your strategy, fill content voids, and refine your approach for heightened audience engagement and improved organic visibility
Pre-structured Format
Fill in your data in neatly organized columns.
Automated Calculations
Leverage built-in formulas and functions for automatic calculations, saving time and ensuring accurate data interpretation
User-Friendly Interface
Intuitive interface that simplifies navigation and data input, facilitating ease of use for all users
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Content Gap Analysis – Free Template

GrowthTurn has been an invaluable resource for helping my team(s) understand the often-mysterious trends behind organic search, and building action plans to drive SEO performance forward. Highly recommended.

Bill Fisher
Co-founder & CEO at Stackray
Content Gap Analysis – Free Template

For us, it was an expensive investment as a small company, but I feel so much that the money was worth it.

Helena Gutierrez
Founder, Share PLM
Content Gap Analysis – Free Template

Thanks to this collaboration, we were able to grow our organic traffic over time; rank in the top positions for our main target keywords; improve our website experience; and grow our organic sourced customer base.

Pedro Ferreira
Head of Performance Marketing at Landbot
Content Gap Analysis – Free Template

They were very professional and communicative throughout the process.

Parth Pareek
Founder at Loopin HQ
Content Gap Analysis – Free Template

Appreciated how the GrowthTurn team always came through with their deliverables on time and did so in such a way that was easy to understand. The company saved a lot of time because of the GT team.

Leslie Handmaker
Digital Marketing Strategist, Paycor
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